Monday, December 11, 2006

Mozart's entire musical score now free on Internet

Mozart's entire musical score now free on Internet - Yahoo! News (Reuters)

More than 600 works available free right on the Web - thanks to the International Mozart Foundation. Wow.

Music Stuff & More : - Shipping Update

CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More :

Busy as bees? Sure you are, so am I! Hope you're enjoying the Season.

When I have a few moments to spare, I've been enjoying my new, first iPod, poking around in the iTunes store. (Gotta rip some of my CDs, too... Beatles, Prince, Christmas music, Beethoven, Stravinsky, Beach Boys... Etc., etc.) Bought Weird Al's "White & Nerdy" music video (guess I'm just too white and nerdy not to?), U2's "Vertigo" music video, and, showing just how white and nerdy I am in a Christmas way - the music video of that musical Christmas house, you know what I mean, if you're nerdy enough, that is.

Now, back to business - the CafePress Christmas shipping update and info...

Beginning December 8 the following shipping options will be offered:

• Free Shipping on orders over $50 = Will not make it in time for Christmas
• Standard Shipping = Order by December 11 to receive in time for Christmas
• 2-Day Shipping = Order by December 18 to receive in time for Christmas
• Next Day Shipping = Order by December 20 to receive in time for Christmas

Canada/International = Order by December 8, 11:59pm PST to receive in time for Christmas

Note that I've been putting up a lot of new music merch this past month - not new graphics right now, but putting already-present music graphics on new merchandise, such as women's size shirts, long-sleeve dark shirts, etc. I'll be continuing to do this week after week until I get it done. Want to convert some more music graphics for the new dark shirts, too.

Keep watching - much more's coming. Also, another way to keep up with my Music Stuff is to subscribe to my monthly CafePress newsletter - the sign-up is on my Music Stuff & More's Storefront

Friday, December 08, 2006

Toymaker Says Grand Piano Is World's Smallest

Toymaker Says Grand Piano Is World's Smallest

The toymaker? Sega.

A tiny functional, real-sounding grand for $500. Really hard to play - good thing it has an auto-play function.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Movie "Happy Feet" Opens

"Happy Feet" Trailers & Clips

Do you like singing? Dancing? Really Good Animation? Penguins? Elijah Wood? (you won't recognize him, however), Robin Williams? (recognizable even in peguin guise; BTW, he's as good here as he was in "Aladdin" it appears, sings pretty good, too), the great tap-dancer Savion Glover?

I haven't seen this movie yet, but plan to. The clips are great (see above link), and hearing Stevie Wonder sing through THX in a movie theater would be a happy thing in itself.

Monday, November 13, 2006

YouTube - Mario Bros 11 String Bass Song

YouTube - Mario Bros 11 String Bass Song

Sent to me by my bass-playing son... A really big electric bass performed here. (And, always love that Mario.)

T-shirt turns air guitar into music

T-shirt turns air guitar into music - Yahoo! News (AP)

No, it's not one of my T-shirts.

Curious concept, this musical shirt.

Makes playing the guitar entirely too easy, though... No fair?

Check out the link in the article for much more and to see/hear the video of this wearable musical instrument in performance.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Study: Waltzing helps mend hearts

Study: Waltzing helps mend hearts - Yahoo! News (AP)

Let everybody waltz now!

1-2-3, 1-2-3...

Time to crank up the Strauss? "Blue Danube", anyone?

Of course dancing is great exercise, certainly more fun than a treadmill...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Nathan Aweau - Bass Player

Nathan Aweau

I came across this bass player during the course of doing my business, and I was impressed enough with his website and music to wish to share it with you all.


Friday, November 03, 2006

Music Dark Apparel : CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More :

Music Dark Apparel : CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More :

New Music Shirts!

More Long Sleeve T-Shirts. More Women's T-Shirts (also Women's Long Sleeve T-Shirts). More Dark T-Shirts. Still more color choices.

And, new color choices have been added to the Men's Dark T-Shirts (Navy, Khaki Green), Ash Grey has been added as an additional color choice to the Men's White Long Sleeve T-Shirts. The new Men's Long Sleeve T-Shirts come in either Black or Navy.

White Long Sleeve T-Shirts and Black T-Shirts now come in Women's sizes, with Women's Dark Long Sleeve T-Shirts coming in Black or Brown.

It's a lot to digest, even for me!

The new CafePress merchandise was added just last night. I've some examples of the new additions in the section linked to above, find more in the "NEW NEW NEW section" in "Sales & Features" on the Music Stuff & More storefront.

BTW, IMHO, the "gold" treble clef (and, surely, all the "gold" graphics...) look great on all the new colors. : D Check it out.

Watch for more and more of the music graphics to be added to the new merchandise. (I want to convert more music graphics for black/dark use as well.)

Sunday, October 29, 2006

As lovers of music, 'We're brothers' - Los Angeles Times

As lovers of music, 'We're brothers' - Los Angeles Times

Great story. I've been following the "adventures" of Nathaniel the classical musician/homeless guy in Steve Lopez's columns for a long time. In today's column linked here, Lopez summarizes Nathaniel's story, writes about his future, and describes a meeting Nathaniel recently had with his once Julliard classmate (yes) Yo Yo Ma while they were all at Disney Hall. Yo Yo let Nathaniel play his cello, too. Apparently Lopez almost had to drag Nathaniel out of Disney Hall - he didn't want to leave. He was at home.

The title is about what Ma said about Nathaniel - how since both of them were such avid lovers of music they were like brothers.

Monday, October 23, 2006

[Weird Al is ] White & Nerdy - Google Video

White & Nerdy - Google Video

(I identify perhaps a little too much with this....?)

Weird Al is back!

(Where's the accordion?)

BTW, remember when Weird Al really did wear glasses?

Saturday, October 21, 2006

NPR : The Leaf Player of the Zocalo

NPR : The Leaf Player of the Zocalo

A whole 'nother kind of reed playing. Listen to the performer's solo linked to this article.

Reminds me of kids using grass or weed blades as reeds. It works. Even I - no real reed player - have done it. (You have to hold the blades just right to get it to work. Experimentation is involved.) Be sure there's no chemcials, or other nasties, on the grass or weeds, BTW!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

NOTES Wear : CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More :

NOTES Wear : CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More :

News about the new.

I have created a ridiculous amount of notes graphics on much merchandise and in several assorted colors. The link above is for "notes" merch to wear. The link for "notes" ware (stuff you don't/can't/wouldn't-want-to wear, obviously, unless you like to wear mugs as hats, etc.) would be and, in fact is, Notes Ware

The half note and the quarter note are featured on this graphic, paired, in "ruby" (red), "sapphire" (blue), "gold", "opal", and in the traditional basic black we all know and love.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bass Clef Graphics : CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More :

Bass Clef Graphics : CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More :

I've been working long and hard on some new music stuff. "Gold" bass cleves - on black (or red), and on much of the rest of CafePress's merchandise. Some new novelty bass cleves - "glass", RGB Noise (labeled "Noiz"), a "silver" bass clef with a shadow shown... These are also on black (or red), plus on most other CafePress merch. Click the live links above to check them out.

I've also finally gotten around to a "gold" treble clef on black (or red). (The "gold" treble clef has been available on my merch for years.)

The new "gold" treble clef on black (or red, if you prefer - for the T-shirt)

And, find the new "gold" treble clef and bass clef on stickers with black backgrounds as well.

More coming. I'm not done yet.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

NEW NEW NEW : CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More :

NEW NEW NEW : CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More :

From the Music Stuff & More's "Sales & Features"'s "NEW NEW NEW" section - new colors are now being offered on infant and toddler T-shirts and infant creepers, as well as the choice of white or gray for the adult sweatshirts - both the plain and the hooded. The new color choices for the infant and toddler wear is pink or blue. Of course white will continue to be offered.

Samples, as usual, are shown in this "NEW NEW NEW"section.

Coming soon - perhaps as soon as next week? - will be the choice of dark red (called "cardinal") in addition to black for the black T-shirts, which will now be labeled "dark T-shirts."

All of these color choices have been already been added to my stores, with the exception of the dark red ("cardinal"), which we're still waiting on as mentioned above.

I like these new additional colors, and that you, the customer, can choose the color you prefer.

Many of my graphics look better on pink or blue or white. And, I'm looking forward to seeing how my black T-shirts turn out on dark red. For example, the "gold", "brass", and "silver" "metallic" graphics ought to look real nice on dark red.

So, check out the new colors. I think you'll like them.

Music Stuff & More store & its Music Merchandise section.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Technicalities... A cadence is a cadence is a cadence...?

Find my new "Authentic Cadence"s in their own section in "Other Music Symbols" in the "Music Merchandise" area of my Music Stuff & More store.

These "I V I" cadences come in gray, white or black, and can also be found on black T-shirts.

Yes, these cadences started out as "Perfect Cadence"s, but then I decided that "Authentic Cadence"s were more accurate. "I V I" is sometimes - often! - perfect, but sometimes not, so...

(Maybe my dear late friend with the Master's in Music Theory was rolling over in his grave...? Okay, Jim - happy now? ; )

Besides this correction gives me a chance to pinpoint the exact location of these new graphics... (If it were less late and I were less lazy I'd be showing you a photo of them right here and now. Please click on the links above?)

New Orleans School Bands Helped

News for New Orleans, Louisiana Local News News for New Orleans, Louisiana

Good News: Numerous famous New Orleans musicians and others have been replacing school band instruments destroyed - or washed away - by Hurricane Katrina.

The article link above tells all about it.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Violin Student Central--Tips Sheet Music Shirts Gifts Games for Violinist and Fiddler

Violin Student Central--Tips Sheet Music Shirts Gifts Games for Violinist and Fiddler

All kinds of good violin and fiddle things - including featuring my music shirts. : )

A place for the "Brotherhood of the Bow", as the site says.

Also find help with violin vitals, such as tuning. Also many other violin/fiddle resouces. And fiddle around with the fun stuff.

Monday, August 28, 2006

New Music Graphics in Music Stuff & More store

Check out the NEW NEW NEW section. You'll find the Tuba Guy in "gold" and black as well as in black-and-white. For the more serious (or mysterious) musicians and music lovers amongst us, find the "Authentic Cadence" (yes, I V I) merchandise in black and in gray. Find these also on black T-shirts.

In fact, check out the Black Music T-shirt section and you'll find both the "Authentic Cadence" and the Tuba Guy (find him in the Musical Instruments section). (A gray ["silver"?] tuba guy is in process for black T-shirts and, perhaps, other merch.)

I may be putting up some other cadences and chord progressions as well.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

CafePress Back-to-School Sale

And, don't forget the "Music Merchandise" area of Music Stuff & More store, of course. Especially you music students, also school band members. Music teacthers... Etc. Et al.

The Sale...

Free Shipping on orders over $50
Coupon Code: BTS2006
Expires August 14
Max discount $5

Monday, July 31, 2006

YouTube - Video Game Pianist - Super Mario World Theme

YouTube - Video Game Pianist - Super Mario World Theme

Bravo! Bravo!

I never could play this well. This guy has a blind-folded version also. And does "Zelda."

No Mozart, no Liszt - but, this old nerd out-of-practice (!) piano player here appreciates it. Hope you do too.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Music therapy helps develop communication

Music therapy helps develop communication - Yahoo! News (AP)

From the article...
It's part of a session known as music therapy, which is used to help people with various medical conditions develop everything from language skills to motor coordination. It can provide a drug-free way to regulate moods in people with depression or foster socialization in those with limited means of communication.

(I do know my mother's love of music and singing played a big role in getting her through her recovery from a stroke.)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Observer | Review | The 50 [Albums That Changed Music]

The Observer Review The 50 [The Guardian (UK)]

#2 is The Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", not surprisingly.

Recording artists listed in this top ten are...

1. The Velvet Underground and Nico
2. The Beatles (see above album mention)
3. Kraftwerk
4. NWA
5. Robert Johnson
6. Marvin Gaye
7. Patti Smith
8. Bob Dylan
9. Elvis Presley
10. The Beach Boys

Friday, July 14, 2006

Bruce Springsteen's Latest Album, Also Pete Seeger

Feeling neither here nor there about Bruce Springsteen over the years, liking his "Born in the U.S.A.", but being mostly indifferent to the man and his music, I'm surprised to find myself thoroughly enjoying some of his latest performances.

First, I saw Bruce perform on Conan O'Brien's "Late Show" and loved his "Bring Them Home" and the extended "Pay Me My Money Down" (which included Conan on guitar, BTW).

Then, I saw Bruce on a 4th of July TV special where he performed yet another version of "Pay Me My Money Down" (clearly a very versatle song, which can be expanded, contracted, varied in regard to length, instruments, number of performers, etc.) A great, fun, lively song, BTW - wonderfully performed by Bruce and his gang. (Not often you see a rock star backed by a sousaphone, BTW. Also a washboard player. But it definitely works for that song.)

Another song - in an entirely different mood - performed on the TV special was "We Shall Overcome." I've long heard (longer than I care to admit, frankly) this old gospel song sung as a belted-out song of determination, of protest, of "black power", of African-Americans hanging in there in order to assert and confirm their civil and equal rights as Americans. Great song sung that way.

But Bruce sung this old gospel song in a different way: as a prayer. More about faith and hope and trust in the Lord. A prayer about overcoming difficulties and looking toward a better tomorrow.

An interpretation which, I was surprised, works every bit as well as the "shout" of the old civil rights movement version in its own quiet, worshipful way. Perhaps it's closer to the original intent of the song? I wouldn't know, but it might be.

I've been thoroughly and pleasantly surprised at how much I've enjoyed all of Bruce's recent music - his best yet, as far as I'm considered.

And I'm so glad he's bringing back these old songs and bringing back this attitude from the '60s. This is something we sorely need now, frankly.

From one of the guys who started it all, and who Bruce is paying tribute to with this "We Shall Overcome" album: Pete Seeger. And, wow, listen to the Original "Seeger Sessions"

New (& Better!) Shipping Rates @ CafePress

$5 Flat Shipping is a shipping rate of $5 for up to 5 items for orders shipped within the US.

Rate excludes shipping for custom postage, posters and framed prints, which ship separately and incur an additional charge. Shipping for individual orders of custom postage, stickers, buttons and CDs may have lower shipping rates.

Think of it as 5 for $5.

In other news related to Music Stuff & More store, I've been working on store maintenance a lot this Summer, adding in new products, straightening things out (aka organizing better, as well as improving navigation), adding more text. There's a new Sunny Circle of Fifths for those who are into light yellow (certainly Summery, also could be considered more feminine/girly).

Monday, June 26, 2006

From Disney/Pixar film 'Cars' :: Rte. 66 & More

Disney Presents a Pixar film 'Cars' :: The Official Movie Site

Compare samples of the classic "Route 66" by both Chuck Berry and John Mayer.

Now where is the version used in the TV series of the same name? That was a great version, too.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Interactive Web Wienerwhistle

Wienerwhistle - Interactive Web Wienerwhistle, that is

Play it.

Includes Wienerwhistle musical notation.

For further Wienerwhistle musical instruction

Taking woodwinds to a whole 'nother level...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Instruments Blog

Instruments Blog

Music blog of interest, which has been kind enough to include this humble blog onto its Blogroll.

Worth visiting just the same for its extensive musical Blogroll and for its photos and descriptions of musical instruments (which are available for sale - note the live links).

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Prince to Receive Special Webby Award

Webby Awards

The Webby Awards? The Webbies? They are, as they say themselves, the online Oscars, awarded to outstanding contributions to the Web, such as, reasonably, the very best websites.

CafePress won the best retail Webby last year.

Anyway, Prince is about to win a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Webbies. Why? Because Prince has always fully used the capabilities of the Web, in fact being a Web pioneer. For example, Prince was the first major artist to release an entire album - 1997's Crystal Ball - exclusively on the Web. Note that this was in 1997.

Prince also has made available on his website seven full-length CDs of music unavailable anywhere else.

Prince's website

The Webby Awards website

Monday, May 29, 2006

English mnemonics - Wikiquote - Music

English mnemonics - Wikiquote - Music

From the folks that bring us Wikipedia - Wikiquotes.

With lots of music memory aids. Great for music students.

Examples which go far beyond the old "Every Good Boy Does Fine" and "FACE":

Elvis Goes Begging Down Freeways
Even George Bush Drives Fast [don't hit the begging Elvis!]

Grizzly Bears Don't Fly Airplanes
George Bush Destroys Forests Always [that GB interval...]

All Cars Eat Gas [especially easy to remember nowadays]

Fat Cops Get Donuts After Every Bust
Big Elephants At Dinner Gobble Curly Fries

I Don't Particularly Like Modes A Lot.

Elephants And Donkeys Grow Big Ears [common ground for guitar-playing political types?]

Friday, May 19, 2006

How to Write a Song - WikiHow

How to Write a Song - WikiHow

This looked interesting.

I wish it was more instrument-oriented and had more about chord progressions, however.

While here be sure to check out the "Music" Category - this had all kinds of even more interesting musical how-to's. Sure you want to learn how to spin your drumsticks. Sure you want to learn how to "jump on an electric guitar."
But, seriously, there's "how to compose", and how to buy, play, and take care of a wide assortment of musical instruments. And more of musical interest.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

YouTube - Evolution of Dance

YouTube - Evolution of Dance

Pretty much covers popular dance from Elvis on...

Entertaining, too.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Guitar Tools - News, Tips & Resources for Guitarists on Squidoo

Guitar Tools - News, Tips & Resources for Guitarists on Squidoo

Heads up, "Guitar People."

I was so impressed with this Squidoo Lens (kind of a cross between a website and a blog - I'm still learning about it) that I had to share the link to this great and rather comprehensive site about all things guitar. I'll be linking this to my Music Medley Page on my website as well.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Manualism Videos - "Hand Music"

Manualism Videos - Manualism* Videosby N6TV

Manualism - music made with nothing but your hands. Maybe you've seen/heard it done on Jay Leno, or elsewhere.

Excellent manualism site here - I especially appreciated the "Hail to the Chief" (appropriate for the current president),and "Stars & Stripes Forever" (while no brass band - clever).


Killer Sound - Guns Into Guitars

Killer Sound - Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone From Yahoo! News

Check out this blog entry and see the photos of the guns turned into guitars.

That's an appealing idea - weapons into music.

Similar to the Bible's beating swords into plowshares.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday, April 10, 2006

Bonobo's Bongos

Some musical rhythm monkeying around.

Can you match these rhythms?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Desktop Blues (hmm, what country is that?)

Make yourself some Blues - have this virutal bluesman sing and play on his virtual guitar words and music of your own choosing.

Not very sweet home Chicago, but it'll sure do for here on the computer. Might try some of those licks on the guitar or even piano....hmmm...

Friday, March 31, 2006

Happy Musical April Fool's Eve

The Great Gear "gang" is having a April Fool's Day celebration. Visit The Great Gear News Blog

More musical foolishness from me... Music gone wild...

Remember the "Tiger Rag"? "Hold that tiger, hold that tiger..."?

Well, I have an assortment of musical instruments of a tiger variety dubbed "Tiger Rag."

See pictured rectangle magnets with a tiger piano and a tiger tuba. Only a small sampling of musical instruments gone wild and of the "Tiger Rag" collection.

"Tiger Rag section"
"Bassoons Gone Wild"
"Pianos Gone Wild"

For more musical silliness beyond what is pictured and listed here and on the Great Gear News Blog, look within the Music Merchandise - especially Music Novelties in my store CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More.

B# and B natural! And have a foolish good time.

Friday, March 24, 2006

New Circle of Fifths Graphics : CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More :

Circle of Fifths : CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More :
Check out all the new Circle of Fifths graphics available now: white, "gold", pink, light blue.

Four of the new Circle of Fifths graphics are available on black T-shirts.

They're already proving popular.

Orchestras seek classical revival with downloads

Orchestras seek classical revival with downloads - Yahoo! News

Great idea! From the article linked above...
The first concerts released in the series will be the New York Philharmonic's February performances of Mozart's Symphonies 39, 40 and 41 conducted by Lorin Maazel, and the Los Angeles Philharmonic's March 24-26 performances of works by minimalists Part, Andriessen and Reich at Walt Disney Concert Hall.

They will be available at the end of March, priced at around $8 to $10 on Apple Computer's iTunes music store, with launches expected soon on services from RealNetworks Inc.'s Rhapsody and Napster.

Consumers will have the option of downloading a movement, a symphony or the entire concert, said Jonathan Gruber, Universal's vice president of new media for classics and jazz.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Major Guitar Overhaul in Music Stuff & More Store

Not only have I tidied, caught up, and put the guitar area in order quite a bit, but new guitar graphics have been added - from other CafePress shopkeepers. Finally electric guitars have arrived as a result, as well as a few of the best guitar graphics around CafePress.

Guitars in Music Stuff & More

Monday, March 13, 2006

#1 Song on This Date in History

#1 Song on This Date in History

I just put this link into my website's Music Medley Page.

You can do cool things at this #1 Song site such as find out the #1 song on the day you were born, the #1 song the day you were married, or graduated from high school, etc., etc.

Monday, February 20, 2006

New Violin/Fiddle Black T-Shirts

The violin or fiddle graphic from an antique woodcut illustration found in Music Stuff & More is now in white on black T-shirts. As with my other black T-shirts it also comes in a Freakin' Big Graphic version and a Pocket version (graphic in the shirt's pocket area).

And this new black tee is also included in my February black T-shirt sale, so it is presently priced at only $19.99.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Mikey Guitar & Bass - Fretted/Fretless

Mikey Guitar

Curious new electric guitars and basses, which can be changed from fretted to fretless at the flip of a switch.

I wonder what it would be like to play a fretless guitar?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Grammy Awards Tonight - the Grammy website - to catch some Grammy-nominated music samples @ Yahoo

A few of my favorite songs this year: Green Day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", U2's "Veritgo", Stevie's "So What the Fuss", McCartney's "A Fine Line"...

Some of my favorite nominees: Gwen Stefani, U2, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney...

Keane is a promising new artist, IMO.

Looking forward to the show tonight.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Music Messenger Bags @ Spreadshirt Store

Please note the new music messenger bags @ my CHM Music Stuff Spreadshirt store with bass clef or treble clef graphics. These messenger bags are different from my CafePress bags in that they come in black or gray. See a black one below with a silver treble clef graphic.

Fender® Hello Kitty®

Fender® Hello Kitty®

Something different.

I don't know if it rocks...? What would Hendrix think?

Well, if it gets more girls to play guitar...

Wonder if Fender has a "Hello Kitty" bass?

Friday, January 27, 2006

Mozart's 250th Birthday Today

(Jeez, and I thought I was old...)

Wolfgang Mozart, the young genius who brought us "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" among other good tunes.

The movie "Amadeus" is a must-see.

Some nifty Mozart links:

From NPR - lots of Mozart celebration goodies...

The Mozart Project - pretty much the ultimate Mozart website -

PS: Sorry about mentioning the new music graphics twice - guess I was more up-to-date with my posting than I remembered. (It's been a long, hard day....)

CafePress Promos & New Music Grafix

Here's the current CafePress promos for you musicos...

Jan 20 - Feb 3
Free Super Saver Shipping* on orders over $50
*Domestic shipping only

The CafePress promotion after that will be:

Feb 4 - Feb 14
$5 off $50 - CODE: CUPID5
$10 off $100 - CODE: CUPID10

As to new music graphics, etc., introducing the "silver" tuba - also on black T-Shirts (as shown), and the Notes & Staff (aka Melody) graphic on black T-Shirts. Here it is in white, but it also comes in blue and in pink.
Find them in CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More in the "Music Merchandise" section, as well as on the Storefront.

Last, but not least, Valentine's Day is coming. Please note the "Love Notes" and "Fermata Me" in the Music Stuff & More's Valentine section

Happy Birthday, Wolfgang! Thanks.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Duty and Honor, in 24 Notes - Los Angeles Times

Duty and Honor, in 24 Notes - Los Angeles Times

This gentleman is being kept very busy as a volunteer bugler at veterans' funerals. He hated seeing mechanical bugles and recorded music being used as taps for these vets. Good for him.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New CafePress Promo & New Music Graphics

Made some new tuba and "melody" (aka Notes & Staff) graphics today, including a few nice black T-Shirts.

Find the new graphics and black shirts @ Black Music Shirts including Musical Instrument Black Shirts

Also... in the "regular" tuba sections

There are white, blue, and pink versions of the "melody" (aka Notes & Staff) graphic on black T-Shirts. There are white and "silver" (light gray) tubas on both black T-Shirts and on a variety of "not-black" merchandise, meaning most of what CafePress offers. Only the "silver" (light gray) tuba is on the "not-black" merchandise (as the white one would not even be possible).

I have done just about all I can do with that tuba graphic - what I really need now is a sousaphone. : )

The new CafePress promotion?

$2 off $20 Order - Coupon code: JAN2
$5 off $40 Order - Coupon code: JAN5

This promotion is January 10 - January 19.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Second chord sounds in world's longest lasting concert [yes, John Cage]

Second chord sounds in world's longest lasting concert - Yahoo! News

(I'm having a bad blogging day. This is my second try at this posting! Anyway...)

Yes, this is about the loooooong (is 639 years long enough for you?) John Cage organ concert.

See also: - the website for the organ concert