Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Music Stuff & More Store News

First, I've added much music merchandise to my CafePress store during my absence here. (It's something of a case of I can't be everywhere doing everything all at the same time...).

I've added much treble clef and bass clef merch, some more piano/keyboard, as well as other musical instruments, merch. And, brand-new merchandise: the new Junior spaghetti tank tops (in pastels now, as well as white). And if there happens to be any pregnant music-lovers, or lovers of pregnant music-lovers, out there - I've got the new maternity tops, which come in black or white. Find them with treble and bass cleves, also piano/keyboard.

I've added to the Circle of Fifths merchandise as well. Expect more - I've promised a couple of customers who sent me E-Mail requests that I'd have a bass clef C of 5 and a light purple C of 5 out before the month's out. So, some new music graphics coming, as well as new merch.

Now, got to go update and sync my iPod. It's off to the iTunes store, before I'm done with my workday.

Love my iPod. Love iTunes. Yes, I also own Apple stock (disclosure). ; ) And would love my iPod and iTunes just as much if I didn't.

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I'll post more asap - there's been lots of interesting musical stuff happening! (Yes, even that which has to do with music only - not my stores. ; )

Now, getting out that USB thingie cord to plug my iPod into my computer. Then, dinner! (It's only 9 pm... yikes)