Friday, September 05, 2008

New Music Graphics & Other Music Merch News

New Music Graphics - an assortment of several, both improved favorites as well as brand-new. Includes the Basic Black Traditional Treble Clef, the Beethoven graphic, and the "Wild" Piano Keyboard graphics, all now available on dark apparel. I've also re-visited my "B Sharp" and "B Natural" graphics, making them now available on dark apparel, as well as putting the two graphics together as, drumroll, "B Sharp B Natural." (I'm still rolling out these new "B Sharp", "B Natural" graphics, so keep checking back if you aren't finding what you're after.)

Brand-new music graphics include two versions of green eighth notes.

And, it's back to school! Find some of the musical stuff for back-to-school featured here.

CafePress has some new merchandise which does - and look for more - include music graphics. The new Ceramic Travel Mugs (would be especially nice for holiday gifts), more "InfiniStitch Embroidery" choices (for example, more cap colors), another drumroll, please - the brand-new Junior Jerseys (replacing the former Jr. Jerseys previously available). These new Junior Jerseys come in a light green, a neat thing with green now being considered the new black. (Green is "in", and much more popular than it used to be - it's an Earth-friendly thing. Look around - you'll see people wearing much more green.).

Last, but certainly not least, I'm continuing to expand my music offerings on Zazzle. My Zazzle merchandise, as on CafePress and Spreadshirt, will continue to be mostly music-oriented.

~ Music Stuff & More @ CafePress
~ Music Stuff & More @ Zazzle

Visit, also, the CafePress store's "NEW NEW NEW" section, as well as "Sales & Features", and, of course, "Music Merchandise."

And, since we're all pinching pennies these days, find some Music Stuff on the Cheap (under $10) @

~ Cheap School Stuff @
~ Bernanke BARGAIN BIN @
~ Journals on Sale @

(For those of you who subscribe to my newsletter, yes, these three links are a copy-and-paste ; )

Closing with a final mention of my new Zazzle Music Stuff & More store - check out the musical Keds and Circle of Fifths (yes, they are round) Keychains.

Happy Fall & Back-to-School!