Sunday, October 30, 2005

New CafePress Sale - Ornaments, Cards & Calendars

$2 off Ornaments, Greeting Cards, and Wall Calendars
Coupon Code: Holiday2Sale
November 1 - November 14

Thursday, October 27, 2005

New Spreadshirt Store - CHM Music Stuff

We've now got BLACK. And dark brown (chocolate). And navy. Spreadshirt also has a few other products CafePress is not presently offering.

Yes, having tired of waiting on CafePress to come up with black shirts, as well as having customers ask about black shirts, I've opened a Spreadshirt store to fill the gap - CHM Music Stuff. Spreadshirt has some other qualities I appreciate as well, such as accepting vector graphics and providing gold and silver colors as printing options. And, white! And flock.

Right now there are ~80 products in the CHM Music Stuff store, which include many black T-shirts, dark brown T-shirts, black ringer T-shirts w/white trim, black sweatshirts, black jackets, with some white and navy apparel, a few decals. Almost all of it right now consist of treble clef and bass clef graphics, some in outline and some solid.

Featured here is the gold treble clef on a standard dark brown (chocolate) T-shirt. Click here for more information or to buy. [Note that this link has been fixed! Sorry about that.]

Note that this new Spreadshirt store is in addition to my already-present CafePress stores - it has not replaced them. To visit CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More

New Piano/Keyboard graphic

Created at the same time as the first piano/keyboard graphic, but bigger and with fewer octaves.

The graphic is shown at left on the standard all-purpose white T-shirt.

There is, of course, an entire section full of this new graphic on all sorts of merchandise. Visit it now.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Get Your Music Stuff - CafePress Fall Sale

Note to music lovers... Sale's still on until October 25.

Coupon Code: Fall2

$2 off on Long Sleeve T-shirts, Jr. Hoodies, Women’s Raglans, Baseball Jerseys, Hooded Sweatshirts, Sweatshirts AND Kids' Hoodies, Baseball Jerseys, and Sweatshirts.

Note that this is a sale of cold-weather clothing - take advantage - it's getting cold out there.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Troops relax with musical pillow - Once Again, Music as Stress Reliever

Troops relax with musical pillow - Yahoo! News

I want one of these pillows. Admittedly, though, my life's not nearly as stressful as the troops in Iraq. I'd still like one, just the same. It sounds very nice.

Friday, October 07, 2005

U2 on Conan O'Brien Last Night

Was that cool, or not?

U2 took up the whole hour.