Friday, March 30, 2007

Bad Music Joke(s) of the Week

After this week, Bad Music Joke of the Week will be no more...

Don't be surprised if I post a bad music joke now and then here, however. You likely will find some other music humor here as well from time to time.

I've been posting the Bad Music Joke of the Week for years.

That's a lot of Bad Music Jokes.

Accordingly, there is a lengthy archive of Bad Music Jokes of the Week available on my website for your perusal.

Pardon my website - it is currently under massive renovation. As you can tell, it could use it. For the most part it works, however. You might find some music stuff there you like, what the heck...

Anyway, a listing of jokes is a listing of jokes, period, what more can you do with it? or would want to? Right?

In the same website + music vein, see also - Music Stuff or The Music Page

Monday, March 19, 2007

Playing Music Makes You Smart

Playing Music Makes You Smart - Yahoo! News (Live Science)

This is a bit like preaching to the choir, but...

We always knew that making music is good for you, in many ways, right?

Friday, March 16, 2007

New Music Stuff

Check out, especially, the Music Merchandise section of Music Stuff & More - new shirts for kids, Women's Plus Size, and more new (and old)items added.

Also, my basic black-and-white piano keyboard graphic is now available in an improved size and on a transparent background (which means it can now be on dark shirts - not only black, but many colors, even red).