Monday, November 29, 2010

Music Stuff & More @ CafePress Cyber-Monday Deals

These are in Music Stuff & More in the CafePress Marketkplace

These changes, as at Zazzle, are coming fast, in and out, so be very sure to check the very top of the CafePress Page you'll be finding at the live links here for the very latest information.

On this Cyber-Monday, up to 20% Off on All, plus

FREE SHIPPING on order of $75 or more

It's Cyber-Monday! Blitzen Zazzle Deals Continue

The Zazzle Particulars (the bolding is mine)...

4:01 AM (PT) 6:00 AM (PT) $6 Off Custom Aprons! BLITZDEAL101
6:01 AM (PT) 8:00 AM (PT) 60% Off Calendars! BLITZDEAL100
8:01 AM (PT) 10:00 AM (PT) 50% Off Embroidered Shirts, Polos, & Jackets! BLITZDEAL735
10:01 AM (PT) 12:00 PM (PT) $5 Off ALL T-Shirts! BLITZDEAL190
12:01 PM (PT) 2:00 PM (PT) 50% Off All Posters and Prints! BLITZDEAL200
2:01 PM (PT) 4:00 PM (PT) Buy One, Get One Mug! (50% Off 2+ Mugs) BLITZDEAL187
4:01 PM (PT) 6:00 PM (PT) 30% Off Christmas Ornaments! BLITZDEAL159
6:01 PM (PT) 8:00 PM (PT) 40% Off Labels, Cards, and Invites! BLITZDEAL157
8:01 PM (PT) 10:00 PM (PT) Monday's Favorite Deal Repeat: Buy One, Get One Mug! (50% Off 2+ Mugs) BLITZDEAL035
10:01 PM (PT) 12:00 AM (PT) Monday's Favorite Deal Repeat: 50% Off All Posters and Prints! BLITZDEAL105

To qualify for this free shipping offer, one or more Zazzle products must be purchased with a net sale price equal to or greater than 25.00 dollars. The free shipping offer is for economy (or standard if economy is not available) shipping to U.S. addresses only. Offer does not apply to shoes. Shipping charges will apply to oversized orders and orders being shipped on an expedited basis or outside the U.S. Offer is valid through November 30, 2010 at 11:59pm PT. Your order must be placed during that time to qualify for this special offer. This promotional offer may not be combined with any other Zazzle promotional or discount offers. Offer valid on only.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Music Stuff & More @ Zazzle Blitzen 2-hour Sales - T-Shirts

Zazzle's Bedazzling 2-Hour Blitzen Sales.

Get T-Shirts at Music Stuff & More @ Zazzle for Half-Off, 50% Off

Tonight, Friday, from 10 pm until midnight, Pacific Time

Coupon Code: BLITZDEAL315

Zazzle Blitzen 2-hour Sales - iPhone & iPad Cases

Shop Music Stuff & More @ Zazzle -
Zazzle Blitzen Deals, now until 10 p.m. Pacific Time - $20 Off iPhone & iPad Cases!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Music Stuff & More @ Zazzle - iPhone & iPad Cases!

I've started adding iPhone 4 and iPad Cases to Music Stuff & More @ Zazzle. I will be adding iPhone 3 Cases, also.
Piano Keyboard iPhone Case speckcase
Piano Keyboard iPhone Case by chmayer
Browse iphone cases

For more iPhone & iPad Cases - Music Stuff & More @ Zazzle (with many more to come)

AND, Zazzle has a deal on its new iPhone and iPad Cases -
Free Shipping on your first order
Until November 30, midnight

Please shop Music Stuff & More
@ Zazzle
@ CafePress

Monday, November 08, 2010

$3 Off Music Aprons at Music Stuff & More @ CafePress

Find $3 Off on Music Aprons at Music Stuff & More @ CafePress. Now through Wednesday, Nov. 10th. No Coupon Code is necessary - the aprons are already marked down in the store.

Find many more Music Aprons at Music Stuff & More @ CafePress

Please Shop Music Stuff & More
@ CafePress
@ Zazzle