Friday, May 04, 2007

CafePress Music Stuff & More Coupons

Please check out the nifty automatically-updating CafePress coupon thingie with the latest CafePress coupon code. It's at top there on the left sidebar here.

There's always some fresh CafePress coupon code available with this.

BTW, this is the same CafePress coupon code long offered at my Music Stuff & More store. (OIOW, we can trust it on this blog. Bless you, copy-and-paste!)


Blogging About This Blog

How's that for redundancy?

I really like the look of this (Google Blogger) blog's template, but I don't really like what's going on with some of its font, as in it would be nicer if I could get my Music Stuff & More store to be just a tad bigger and bolder there on the sidebar?

As for the shouting towards the bottom of this template, but the heck's with that? I've tried to get it unbolded and smaller. It's bad design, furthermore, I don't want to be yelling at you, be so rude and in your face, for gosh sake.

Ah, well, for now I'll just have to "all-cap" my store? And, please, forgive me for all that shouting down there.

No, there's no HTML fix. Lord, I've searched. This a Google CSS/java? thing it appears from its recent Google Blogger upgrade.

I may simply switch my Google Blogger templates, but I'd really rather not. Please bear with in the meantime?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Musicians unlock mystery melody in Scottish chapel

Musicians unlock mystery melody in Scottish chapel - Yahoo! News (Reuters)

This Scottish chapel was featured in "The Da Vinci Code" as one of the many sites filled with symbols that were such an important part of the novel and movie's story. Now it's being realized that there is still more to all this: music!

From the article: "The music has been frozen in time by symbolism."

(Actually, if you think about it, heck, I even label these "Music Symbols" in my store...What about the treble clef, bass clef, the music staff, the notation, etc. that is found in written music? That is, also, you could argue, "frozen music.")