Wednesday, October 31, 2007

BIG buttons, new graphics, holidays coming...

...and I moved The Numa Numa Guy, Mario, and the Evolution of Dance lower down the Page. Now, back to business...

The new bigger - 3.5" - buttons are now available in my CafePress Music Stuff & More store, being added throughout the store as well as featured in the "Sales & Features" section.

Also, check out my spiffy new treble clef graphics. Note the "Glassy" Treble Clef (two variations) - I thought it was about time to have a treble to match the popular "Glassy" Bass Clef.

"Smoky Rose Gem" Treble Clef - what happens when I start playing with the "jewels" in my graphics software... : ) I think it's neat. I also like the way it works so well with both dark wear and light wear/ware.

Poke around the Music Merchandise section, including the Treble Clef section, you may spot graphics and merch you haven't seen before.

The Sales & Features section is also a place to keep an eye on for musical holiday stuff, coming, of course, real soon.

Happy Halloween.