Monday, May 10, 2010

Being a Treble-Maker...

I'm quite the treble-maker, and I thought I should show you more of the treble I can get myself into. I get into all kinds of treble - many styles, many colors...

Today, one of my Brushstroke Treble Clef graphics... This is a unique graphic in that it began long ago on some cheap old-school graphic software. I made it using a paint brush in the program - free-style. I have fooled a little with this graphic since then and it now comes a variety of versions. Now, thanks to Adobe Illustrator graphic software (not cheap, not old-school), this is a new vector light-blue version which looks 3-D.

Lt. Blue Brushstroke Treble Clef shirt
Lt. Blue Brushstroke Treble Clef by chmayer
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The Treble Clef is also known as the G Clef.

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