Sunday, February 11, 2007

Grammy Awards Tonight (& Prince)

Yahoo's Grammy Coverage "Central" - the offical Grammy website - yes, the Apple iTunes store. iTunes has Grammy coverage, too, of course (Grammy-nominated samples and downloads).

Speaking of iTunes, re my mention of Prince above, I've got my iTunes running listening to Prince's "Baby I'm a Star" as I write. Anyway, about Prince, didn't he do a great half-time show at the Super Bowl? Real trooper Prince was performing in the pouring rain. I did pick up on the irony of his performing "Purple Rain" under the circumstances. Perfect.

Poop on those people who bothered to try to make something dirty out of Prince's performance. I think it's *their* minds that are dirty. Jeez. (Yes, I know Prince's has had his naughties in the long-ago past. Again - jeez. Sometimes people just seem compelled to look for the negative.)

Anyway - I'm looking forward to the Grammys tonight. I've even got some of the music - listening now to a song from John Mayer's "Continuim" as I now write. Got Mayer's music video for "Waiting for the World to Change." Also have a couple of Red Hot Chili Pepper's songs from their nominated "Stadium Arcadium", listening to "Snow (Hey Oh)" now - I listen to this one over and over, and over and over. (BTW, what the heck are the lyrics about? Whatever.)

Gee, I'm even missing "Desperate Housewives" in order to watch the Grammys...


P.S.: John Mayer had better win something, as he's nominated multiplily, and is certainly talented and deserving. BTW, a relative? Who knows? Would be at most a distant in-law, such as a cousin-in-law. He does look like the Mayer branch of our family... ?

Monday, February 05, 2007

Apple, Beatles settle trademark suit

Apple, Beatles settle trademark suit - Yahoo! News (AP)

After traveling a very long and winding road the Apples have finally come together.

Let it be!

The Beatles have been entirely too absent from the online world - this is long overdue. Everybody else is out there (among their contemporaries) - the Stones, Dylan, the Beach Boys... So many more.

The good/bad news for me is that I already do have most of my Beatle favs on CD ready to rip. I'm cheap, but I'm lazy. ; )

(BTW, love my iPod!)

Friday, February 02, 2007

Love Notes & Update, Also Free Shipping

My apologies for not being back sooner!

My Music Stuff & More store is still having its free shipping promotion for Valentine's Day:

Free Super Saver Shipping on orders over $50 (before tax and shipping)
Coupon Code: VDAYSHIP

Featured in Music Stuff & More are some musical items for Valentine's Day - or whenever you like - "Love Notes" and "Fermata [Hold] Me" (BTW, the "Fermata [Hold] Me" has long been a popular item in my store.)

Also, please note that I've added much new merchandise to my popular "Circle of Fifths" section. More women's-sized items and more long-sleeves. Also, and best of all, IMHO, is the addition of more black merchandise as well as a variety of other new colors.

And, according to CafePress, some neat new merchandise is going to be added soon, starting later this month, which will include Women's V-Neck shirts, plus a bunch of neat new colors - teal, etc. Stay tuned.