Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays! & Holiday Music

Sharing one of my Holiday Playlists on YouTube - lots of music, of course!...

Also, please note that iTunes has been giving away Christmas music - I downloaded a free "Hallelujah Chorus - The Messiah" as well as a choir singing "Ding Dong Merrily on High." While on iTunes check out Keith Richards' new "Run Reindeer Run" and Bette Midler's (yes) "Cool Yule." And, Brian Selzer has long had a bunch of good holiday music for those who like their holiday music swinging (such as the "Cool Yule" just mentioned).

Tonight, Christmas Eve on PBS, lots of holiday music (duh), including the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert. (Check out what the TSO does with the "Nutcracker Suite" some time.)

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!


Monday, December 10, 2007

Blogkeeping & Christmas @ YouTube

Blogkeeping? I cleared out some old, out-dated ads here - they were just being in the way.

Christmas @ YouTube? And, that would be Musical Christmas @ YouTube, to be specific.

For those of you who can't get enough of the Wizards of Winter (and that house that lights to its beat), it's here. See towards the bottom of the left-hand sidebar where I have YouTube clips readily available here.

Heck, while I'm at it check out the music and dancing my son sent me (that's his hamster and his girlfriend dancing with him):

Who knows, you might even want to elf yourself, too...?


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

BIG buttons, new graphics, holidays coming...

...and I moved The Numa Numa Guy, Mario, and the Evolution of Dance lower down the Page. Now, back to business...

The new bigger - 3.5" - buttons are now available in my CafePress Music Stuff & More store, being added throughout the store as well as featured in the "Sales & Features" section.

Also, check out my spiffy new treble clef graphics. Note the "Glassy" Treble Clef (two variations) - I thought it was about time to have a treble to match the popular "Glassy" Bass Clef.

"Smoky Rose Gem" Treble Clef - what happens when I start playing with the "jewels" in my graphics software... : ) I think it's neat. I also like the way it works so well with both dark wear and light wear/ware.

Poke around the Music Merchandise section, including the Treble Clef section, you may spot graphics and merch you haven't seen before.

The Sales & Features section is also a place to keep an eye on for musical holiday stuff, coming, of course, real soon.

Happy Halloween.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Musical Fun w/ YouTube

I'm sorry I just couldn't resist.

My apologies if anything offensive should slip out (I take no responsibility for the quality of the contents, you know how it is on YouTube, right?).

I set the YouTube thingie for "numa numa, mario music, evolution of dance." What you see is what YouTube is sending back here.

*I* like it - and that does count for something (to me). ; )

ENJOY. Isn't that what music is mostly about, anyway?

P.S. Please note the current CafePress sale, for details see the CHM Biz News Blog headers on the left sidebar.

Or visit CafePress @ Music Stuff & More store

[Edited by chm 11/19/07]

Beethoven - Music on FoxyTunes Planet

Beethoven - Music on FoxyTunes Planet

I just discovered FoxyTunes Planet, something new (to me) brought to us by the Firefox browser folks.


I keyed in "Beethoven" and look at what came back! So much of all kinds of media - YouTube, audio (music clips), photos, text, links.

Again, wow.

Try checking out your favorite music and musicians on (no, it's not all classical...)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pathologist: Doctor killed Beethoven

Pathologist: Doctor killed Beethoven - Yahoo! News (AP)

Curious Beethoven news...

And, note, yet more news about lead problems.

BTW, speaking of Beethoven, do you know that Steinway (who now also owns pretty much every big band/orchestra instrument maker there is nowadays) uses the stock ticker symbol LVB? (get it?)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Sorry for the Silence! & Store NEWS

(Guess time flies and I hadn't noticed how long it's been since I've posted. Oops...)

Biggest news is...drum roll, please...CafePress finally has a sale. A good one, at that.

The bad news is that it starts in less than five hours! I would have said something sooner had I known. I first heard of it yesterday; first heard the start time this afternoon. Anyway, the sale...

Buy 3 T-Shirts and Get 1 T-Shirt FREE*
No coupon needed.

Starts July 21 at 12:01 am PT


* Limited to one free shirt per order, free shirt must
be of equal or lesser value as purchased shirts and
cannot exceed a retail price of USD $30.00. Promotion
cannot be combined with any other offers or bulk order
discounts. Shirt sales subject to this promotion are
not eligible for refunds, exchange only. Eligible free
shirts are limited to Jr. Raglan, Jr. Ringer T-Shirt,
Jr. Spaghetti Tank, Jr. Jersey T-Shirt, Baseball
Jersey, T-Shirt, Kids Baseball Jersey, Ringer T-Shirt,
Men's Sleeveless Tee, Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Fitted
T-Shirt, Organic Cotton Tee, Value T-Shirt, Women's
Cap Sleeve T, Women's Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Women's
Tank Top, Women’s T-Shirt, Women's V-Neck T-Shirt,
Women's Plus Size Scoop Neck T-Shirt, Women's Plus
Size V-Neck T-Shirt, and Maternity T-Shirt, subject to
availability. This promotion is available for a
limited time and may be cancelled or changed at any
time for any reason, without notice. Void where
prohibited. [copy-and-pasted from CafePress, thank God...]

In other music store news, I've been adding new merchandise and a few new graphics, including music graphics. Please check out the "NEW NEW NEW" section in "Sales & Features" of the Music Stuff & More store.

One new music graphic is a Bass Clef Circle of Fifths (in this link it's on a clock).

In still more news I'm bearing down on my store work. Part of that is starting some work on a back-to-school feature section. Find it in the "Sales & Features" section of Music Stuff & More It's still a work-in-progress, but it is well under way, and there are a lot of music back-to-school stuff available there already.

See you sooner than last time (jeez!). Now to go update my iPod. (Love my iPod. Disclaimer: yes, I own Apple stock. Still enjoy my iPod and iTunes, long as the software works okay, that is...)

If you haven't subscribed to my monthly CafePress newsletter yet, please do. Join my many subscribers to this newsletter which I keep up with better than my blogs and website (rolling my eyes on that last one, yes, its renovation really is coming, jeez, I'm paying freakin' Yahoo $$ every month for that sucker... yikes) iTunes, hoping my podcast update won't lock up on me again.... (more rolling eyes)

Please do visit my store and get your free T-shirt (see way above - that CafePress promotion, which starts in just a few hours). That's Music Stuff & More

Find the subscription form to my monthly CafePress newsletter near the bottom of this blog, also on the storefront of my CafePress store.

Have a nice weekend! Keep cool.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

New Music Graphics & New Shirts, Etc.

I've been playing with my iPod and iTunes too much... Lots of great new music - and, well, old music. Been especially enjoying Paul McCartney's new album and music video (on iTunes as well as YouTube), and the "Darfur" benefit album of "modern-day" music artists' covers of John Lennon songs. (Amazing how some of John's old songs are even more relevant to today than they were when they first came out.) Bono & U2 do a great cover of "Instant Karma." And I might prefer Steven Tyler & Aerosmith's reggae version (yes, a raggae band joins in on this) better than John's original version of "Give Peace a Chance."

For fellow Beatles (and Wings) fans, it was great seeing Paul and Ringo, also Yoko and Olivia Harrison, on "Larry King" this week. I'm bummed that the show is not - at least not yet - available on "Larry King"'s iTunes' podcasts. Paris Hilton is - but so what?! I want Ringo and Paul. Great old Beatles' clips and music were included in that"King" show.

Yes, I do like new music, too - been listening to a lot of "The Cat Empire" lately, for just one "new-ish" group. And "New Shoes" by Paolo, um, whatever his unusual last name is (sorry). Lily Allen, if I pretty much ignore her lyrics (good, quite talented, but much in need of an attitude adjustment - so negative! Maturity will likely take care of that, usually does. ) Bit and pieces of the soundtracks from the "Pirates..." movies.... (aren't those bass strings wonderful?)

Anyway - my new music graphics: A purple Circle of Fifths and a Bass Clef Circle of Fifths. Both were requested by customers. The Bass Clef C of 5 was actually overdue. I thought of it a long time ago, but never got around to doing anything about it. So I'm kinda glad a customer gave me a needed shove/incentive to get 'er done already. Do note that there are two similar versions of the Bass Clef Circle of Fifths graphic.

See the new music graphics written about above and the new Junior Jersey in the "NEW NEW NEW" section of Music Stuff & More

For the Americans out there, have a happy 4th of July!

(BTW, I bought Ray Charles' "America" and, yes, Jimi Hendrix's "Star-Spangled Banner" at the iTunes store... Now, to rip a couple of those John Philip Sousa marches off my CD for my iPod...)

Oh, "Be kind to your web-footed friends, for a duck may be somebody's mother..."

Okay, most of you won't get that reference. It is musical, and it is 4th of July. ; )

Be cool. Keep cool. Have a good one.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Music Stuff & More Store News

First, I've added much music merchandise to my CafePress store during my absence here. (It's something of a case of I can't be everywhere doing everything all at the same time...).

I've added much treble clef and bass clef merch, some more piano/keyboard, as well as other musical instruments, merch. And, brand-new merchandise: the new Junior spaghetti tank tops (in pastels now, as well as white). And if there happens to be any pregnant music-lovers, or lovers of pregnant music-lovers, out there - I've got the new maternity tops, which come in black or white. Find them with treble and bass cleves, also piano/keyboard.

I've added to the Circle of Fifths merchandise as well. Expect more - I've promised a couple of customers who sent me E-Mail requests that I'd have a bass clef C of 5 and a light purple C of 5 out before the month's out. So, some new music graphics coming, as well as new merch.

Now, got to go update and sync my iPod. It's off to the iTunes store, before I'm done with my workday.

Love my iPod. Love iTunes. Yes, I also own Apple stock (disclosure). ; ) And would love my iPod and iTunes just as much if I didn't.

Music Stuff & More store

NEW NEW NEW section of Music Stuff & More store

CHM Biz News Blog - for much more news about my CafePress stores and their new merchandise

And, a reminder, please subscribe to my monthly CafePress Newsletter for all the latest every month. See the subscribe/sign-up box on the sidebar and at my CafePress premium stores (such as Music Stuff & More)

I'll post more asap - there's been lots of interesting musical stuff happening! (Yes, even that which has to do with music only - not my stores. ; )

Now, getting out that USB thingie cord to plug my iPod into my computer. Then, dinner! (It's only 9 pm... yikes)

Friday, May 04, 2007

CafePress Music Stuff & More Coupons

Please check out the nifty automatically-updating CafePress coupon thingie with the latest CafePress coupon code. It's at top there on the left sidebar here.

There's always some fresh CafePress coupon code available with this.

BTW, this is the same CafePress coupon code long offered at my Music Stuff & More store. (OIOW, we can trust it on this blog. Bless you, copy-and-paste!)


Blogging About This Blog

How's that for redundancy?

I really like the look of this (Google Blogger) blog's template, but I don't really like what's going on with some of its font, as in it would be nicer if I could get my Music Stuff & More store to be just a tad bigger and bolder there on the sidebar?

As for the shouting towards the bottom of this template, but the heck's with that? I've tried to get it unbolded and smaller. It's bad design, furthermore, I don't want to be yelling at you, be so rude and in your face, for gosh sake.

Ah, well, for now I'll just have to "all-cap" my store? And, please, forgive me for all that shouting down there.

No, there's no HTML fix. Lord, I've searched. This a Google CSS/java? thing it appears from its recent Google Blogger upgrade.

I may simply switch my Google Blogger templates, but I'd really rather not. Please bear with in the meantime?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Musicians unlock mystery melody in Scottish chapel

Musicians unlock mystery melody in Scottish chapel - Yahoo! News (Reuters)

This Scottish chapel was featured in "The Da Vinci Code" as one of the many sites filled with symbols that were such an important part of the novel and movie's story. Now it's being realized that there is still more to all this: music!

From the article: "The music has been frozen in time by symbolism."

(Actually, if you think about it, heck, I even label these "Music Symbols" in my store...What about the treble clef, bass clef, the music staff, the notation, etc. that is found in written music? That is, also, you could argue, "frozen music.")

Friday, April 20, 2007

Sun's Atmosphere Sings

Sun's Atmosphere Sings - Yahoo! News (

Didn't know the Sun was musical?

Still more "Music of the Spheres."

Friday, March 30, 2007

Bad Music Joke(s) of the Week

After this week, Bad Music Joke of the Week will be no more...

Don't be surprised if I post a bad music joke now and then here, however. You likely will find some other music humor here as well from time to time.

I've been posting the Bad Music Joke of the Week for years.

That's a lot of Bad Music Jokes.

Accordingly, there is a lengthy archive of Bad Music Jokes of the Week available on my website for your perusal.

Pardon my website - it is currently under massive renovation. As you can tell, it could use it. For the most part it works, however. You might find some music stuff there you like, what the heck...

Anyway, a listing of jokes is a listing of jokes, period, what more can you do with it? or would want to? Right?

In the same website + music vein, see also - Music Stuff or The Music Page

Monday, March 19, 2007

Playing Music Makes You Smart

Playing Music Makes You Smart - Yahoo! News (Live Science)

This is a bit like preaching to the choir, but...

We always knew that making music is good for you, in many ways, right?

Friday, March 16, 2007

New Music Stuff

Check out, especially, the Music Merchandise section of Music Stuff & More - new shirts for kids, Women's Plus Size, and more new (and old)items added.

Also, my basic black-and-white piano keyboard graphic is now available in an improved size and on a transparent background (which means it can now be on dark shirts - not only black, but many colors, even red).

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Grammy Awards Tonight (& Prince)

Yahoo's Grammy Coverage "Central" - the offical Grammy website - yes, the Apple iTunes store. iTunes has Grammy coverage, too, of course (Grammy-nominated samples and downloads).

Speaking of iTunes, re my mention of Prince above, I've got my iTunes running listening to Prince's "Baby I'm a Star" as I write. Anyway, about Prince, didn't he do a great half-time show at the Super Bowl? Real trooper Prince was performing in the pouring rain. I did pick up on the irony of his performing "Purple Rain" under the circumstances. Perfect.

Poop on those people who bothered to try to make something dirty out of Prince's performance. I think it's *their* minds that are dirty. Jeez. (Yes, I know Prince's has had his naughties in the long-ago past. Again - jeez. Sometimes people just seem compelled to look for the negative.)

Anyway - I'm looking forward to the Grammys tonight. I've even got some of the music - listening now to a song from John Mayer's "Continuim" as I now write. Got Mayer's music video for "Waiting for the World to Change." Also have a couple of Red Hot Chili Pepper's songs from their nominated "Stadium Arcadium", listening to "Snow (Hey Oh)" now - I listen to this one over and over, and over and over. (BTW, what the heck are the lyrics about? Whatever.)

Gee, I'm even missing "Desperate Housewives" in order to watch the Grammys...


P.S.: John Mayer had better win something, as he's nominated multiplily, and is certainly talented and deserving. BTW, a relative? Who knows? Would be at most a distant in-law, such as a cousin-in-law. He does look like the Mayer branch of our family... ?

Monday, February 05, 2007

Apple, Beatles settle trademark suit

Apple, Beatles settle trademark suit - Yahoo! News (AP)

After traveling a very long and winding road the Apples have finally come together.

Let it be!

The Beatles have been entirely too absent from the online world - this is long overdue. Everybody else is out there (among their contemporaries) - the Stones, Dylan, the Beach Boys... So many more.

The good/bad news for me is that I already do have most of my Beatle favs on CD ready to rip. I'm cheap, but I'm lazy. ; )

(BTW, love my iPod!)

Friday, February 02, 2007

Love Notes & Update, Also Free Shipping

My apologies for not being back sooner!

My Music Stuff & More store is still having its free shipping promotion for Valentine's Day:

Free Super Saver Shipping on orders over $50 (before tax and shipping)
Coupon Code: VDAYSHIP

Featured in Music Stuff & More are some musical items for Valentine's Day - or whenever you like - "Love Notes" and "Fermata [Hold] Me" (BTW, the "Fermata [Hold] Me" has long been a popular item in my store.)

Also, please note that I've added much new merchandise to my popular "Circle of Fifths" section. More women's-sized items and more long-sleeves. Also, and best of all, IMHO, is the addition of more black merchandise as well as a variety of other new colors.

And, according to CafePress, some neat new merchandise is going to be added soon, starting later this month, which will include Women's V-Neck shirts, plus a bunch of neat new colors - teal, etc. Stay tuned.