Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Technicalities... A cadence is a cadence is a cadence...?

Find my new "Authentic Cadence"s in their own section in "Other Music Symbols" in the "Music Merchandise" area of my Music Stuff & More store.

These "I V I" cadences come in gray, white or black, and can also be found on black T-shirts.

Yes, these cadences started out as "Perfect Cadence"s, but then I decided that "Authentic Cadence"s were more accurate. "I V I" is sometimes - often! - perfect, but sometimes not, so...

(Maybe my dear late friend with the Master's in Music Theory was rolling over in his grave...? Okay, Jim - happy now? ; )

Besides this correction gives me a chance to pinpoint the exact location of these new graphics... (If it were less late and I were less lazy I'd be showing you a photo of them right here and now. Please click on the links above?)

New Orleans School Bands Helped

News for New Orleans, Louisiana Local News News for New Orleans, Louisiana

Good News: Numerous famous New Orleans musicians and others have been replacing school band instruments destroyed - or washed away - by Hurricane Katrina.

The article link above tells all about it.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Violin Student Central--Tips Sheet Music Shirts Gifts Games for Violinist and Fiddler

Violin Student Central--Tips Sheet Music Shirts Gifts Games for Violinist and Fiddler

All kinds of good violin and fiddle things - including featuring my music shirts. : )

A place for the "Brotherhood of the Bow", as the site says.

Also find help with violin vitals, such as tuning. Also many other violin/fiddle resouces. And fiddle around with the fun stuff.

Monday, August 28, 2006

New Music Graphics in Music Stuff & More store

Check out the NEW NEW NEW section. You'll find the Tuba Guy in "gold" and black as well as in black-and-white. For the more serious (or mysterious) musicians and music lovers amongst us, find the "Authentic Cadence" (yes, I V I) merchandise in black and in gray. Find these also on black T-shirts.

In fact, check out the Black Music T-shirt section and you'll find both the "Authentic Cadence" and the Tuba Guy (find him in the Musical Instruments section). (A gray ["silver"?] tuba guy is in process for black T-shirts and, perhaps, other merch.)

I may be putting up some other cadences and chord progressions as well.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

CafePress Back-to-School Sale

And, don't forget the "Music Merchandise" area of Music Stuff & More store, of course. Especially you music students, also school band members. Music teacthers... Etc. Et al.

The Sale...

Free Shipping on orders over $50
Coupon Code: BTS2006
Expires August 14
Max discount $5